The Meth Solution
How to eliminate meth residue in homes

A step by step guide to meth decontamination.
First of its kind meth cleanup guide!
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    Most state guidelines are too complicated.
"The Meth Solution" is written in easy to follow
instructions as a resource tool to assist property owners who must deal with  the aftermath of meth contaminated property.



     Donetta Held
CEO-Crisis Cleaning

onetta interviewed Attorney Tonya Bond to better understand the process of filing an insurance claim for meth contaminated property,  which can be attained in many situations. This wealth of information is shared with her readers in Chapter 3 entitled
"Insurance Coverage."

                                                                                                        Attorney Tonya Bond

The sad truth of methamphetamine use. Children often suffer. Most toys cannot be cleaned and must be discarded. 

was written to walk you step-by-step through each phase of cleanup for contaminated homes or property.

Are you a homeowner?
 Do you own rental property?
 Do you manage a motel/hotel chain?

 This book was written to guide you through the steps needed to clean up meth residue leftover from the cooking of an illegal meth lab.

Excerpts from the book:
Chapter 1 - Overview:
"If you are a property owner or landlord with meth contaminated property,
this informative book is written for you."

Chapter 3 - Insurance Coverage:
"A policyholder should look to the first party property coverage first when looking
for coverage for methamphetamine contamination, but the liability coverage may also be available to respond in states, like
Indiana, where courts have handed down
favorable coverage decisions on other environmental claims."

Chapter 9 - Personal Property:
"Research was conducted by the National Jewish Medical and Research Center to answer the question whether washing of clothing will remove the methamphetamine contamination."

Chapter 13 - Contaminated Property:
"Most state's regulations or guidelines provide the property owner with
three options of dealing with contaminated property."

Does this book really answer all your meth cleanup questions? The experts say, "Yes, it does!"

Chapter 18 - What Cleaning Products to Use?
"The EPA and most state guidelines simply state using detergent-water solution cleaners.  Or they state using ordinary household cleaning products...But the EPA does not specify what household detergents their research or guidelines recommend to use."

Chapter 20 - Kill Meth Using Crystal Clean:
As outlined in Chapter 19 and in many state guidelines, using ordinary household cleaners can require up to three washes to remove a majority of the methamphetamine contamination and then you still might not be below your state's regulatory cleanup standard.  With Crystal Clean it neutralizes methamphetamine with just one application."

Here's what professional business people are saying about the book:

"The Meth Solution is a wonderful tool to those who must deal with the aftermath and destruction of Methamphetamine. The Meth Solution will guide the property owner through the legal aspects, along with the step-by-step procedures to get the job done right. This book will give the reader insight into the reality of how deadly and destructive Methamphetamine really is."
Jason S. Underhill, Pres. CADACII, Mothers Against Methamphetamine, French Lick, IN

"The Meth Solution is a fantastic resource for all the agencies involved, from landlords, insurance people, law enforcement, health inspectors and even remediators! It is the only source I've found that helps the victim - the property owner - learn how to gain insurance protection. This book is written to help keep people safe and  protect their investment."
                                                   Brad Grayson, Grayson Property Management, Columbus, IN

"As and employee of a local health department and the person involved with meth lab cleanup requirements. I found the information in The Meth Solution to be very informative.  Starting with the overview of federal and state guidelines, the reason why a property owner needs to have an assessment performed and what the issues are associated with meth contaminated properties. The book will be a great resource not only for homeowners, but also for lending institutions, local government officials and the general public as well."
                                                      Paul Ramsey, Environmental Health Director, Seymour, IN
"The Meth Solution is the tell all of tell all books. This book reminds us that after gathering all the information you should always call a professional to do the job. I will always keep my copy handy to advise my buyers doing real estate transactions."
                                                                                  Sandra Thomas, Realtor, Central Ohio

Remember, tell your friends, everyone will want to know about this first of its kind meth lab cleanup guide!

Here are examples of what you'll learn from this book:

  • How to test your property if you suspect there's been a meth lab.
  • Understand the difference between the two types of meth lab testing.
  • Where to check for meth lab laws or guidelines.
  • What to do if your area does not have any meth lab laws or guidelines.
  • Step-by-step procedures for cleanup of meth contaminated property.
  • What cleaning products to use.
  • What household cleaning products not to use.
  • Find out if your insurance policy covers meth lab cleaning.
  • How to file an insurance claim for meth lab testing and cleaning.
  • Does painting get rid of meth contamination?
  • When to encapsulate (paint) and when not to paint.
  • What paint sealer to use as a permanent encapsulate of meth.
  • Hazards to consider, lead, mercury and Asbestos.
  • What structural items can be cleaned and what items cannot be cleaned?
  • Three options of dealing with meth contaminated properties.
  • Prepping for meth decontamination and MUCH, MUCH MORE!
  • Which contents can be cleaned and which ones cannot be cleaned?
Donetta Held has been interviewed on the radio, by newspaper reporters and has been on television news shows about meth lab cleanup procedures, costs and insurance coverage.

If you are interested in interviewing Donetta, or if you would like to contact her about writing an article or column for your publication, or if you would like to discuss the possibility of her presenting to your group or company:
Call toll free 1-877-260-4828.
If you would rather email, scroll to the bottom of this page.

June 7, 2012
Donetta spoke at the annual Mother's Against Methamphetamine National Conference in French Lick, Indiana.  Jason Underhill, President of the French Lick Chapter of MAMa, reviewed Donetta's book and quickly realized she definitely knew the business of meth cleanup and immediately asked her to speak at their conference.

January 9, 2012
Ms. Held was interviewd by Neil Haley on the Total Education Network--WRCT--Pittsburgh, PA

March 2011
Donetta presented at Vincennes University for their Law Enforcement class. She is a dynamic speaker and prompted many questions from the students.

February 2011
 Ms. Held was honored to speak at the Indiana Drug Enforcement Association Conference. Her expertise in the cleanup of meth residue was gladly received.




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Donetta J. Held has been in the construction business since 1979 and CEO of a family owned corporation since 1984, which specializes in water, odor and fire restoration.  In 2001 the corporation created a sister company called Crisis Cleaning which specializes in death and crime scene cleaning.  In 2006, due to the demand and requests from law enforcement officials in the area, Donetta obtained specialized training in meth lab cleanup.  Donetta became a Qualified Inspector for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in January, 2007.  Donetta has performed actual decontamination of meth contaminated properties, property inspections and assessments, testing and sampling in hundreds of properties. When asked what she does for a living….She jokes; “I do death and meth.”  In reality, Donetta believes strongly in the service she performs for property owners, whether they are suffering from the loss of a loved one who committed suicide or they are being faced with the daunting task of decontaminating their meth contaminated property.


Donetta J. Held

Contact Donetta Toll free @: 1-877-260-4828


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